Wake up and stop pretending

I open one eye, glaring at the guy. ‘I never said I was much older than you. I more meant your views are young. Immature.’ I tell him. ‘And don’t worry, I won’t bother taking your knives again, I only did it to make you listen to me.’ Have I finished? No. I watch the guy seethe a bit before carrying on.

‘And forgive me, but you were taught. You were tutored by one person, your uncle I’m guessing. This of course will make you somewhat narrow minded, having been taught by one person who holds one view on the world. You need more experience, to open up your mind. No one taught me. If they had I’d have ended up worse than you, and certainly, I’d have a view on humans as equally bitter as yours on me. But I taught myself, gaining experience both from being the hunter and then the hunted.

‘So I’ll treat you as maturely as you act, kid.’ I hide my smug little grin as I watch the guy next to me practically explode.

‘I was taught, yes. By someone that had been taught the truth. My entire family has been taught the truth. You'll never know that truth. No-one apart from the few that already know can know. I may have a narrow minded view, but my view is the correct view! And I've had experience; two years of it, fighting for my right to even sit here now! Because I know the truth!’ His tone is adamant and forceful.

‘You can’t insist that your view wouldn’t change if your circumstances changed. I’ve fought for the last ten years of my life to be here. Two years is a drop in the ocean. Stop pretending you know all about the world and wake up.’ I snap, finally beginning to lose my patience. ‘I’d rather look after a stubborn fifteen year old half vampire than you. And that’s saying something.’

The End

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