Young, aren't you?

I snatch the knife out of the air, and watch the guy blink in surprise. I hold the point to the tip of my index finger and twist it against my skin.

‘Hey!’ the guy protests, but I hold it out of his reach.

‘You’re very young, aren’t you?’ I ask casually, not caring if he wants to hear what I have to say or not. ‘I used to have exactly the same view about “my kind”,’ I tell him, mimicking his voice as I say “my kind”, ignoring his scowl ‘hence why I used to be a hunter. I lost to another vampire, once, about two years ago. He turned me into what I hated most, but it was a steep learning curve. We’re not all bad, you know.’ I hand him his knife back, and he snatches it out of my loose grasp. ‘And just for your information, there’re still a few empty seats, a couple at the back and the one you vacated just to sit next to me. So don’t whinge. It’s unbecoming.’ I close my eyes, and find myself more than making up for his lack of trust as I trust him not to stab me as I try to fall asleep.

The End

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