Bas felt like such a dick... The girl had come and apologised to him, and he'd nodded, not spoken, and looked out the window, past Marco. Still, he needed to stick to his guns. He'd had a go at her for interfering with someone else's conversation... And argument... He was being hypocritical, he knew, but even so. He would stop others from making the same mistake as him. 

"Look, kid, I just made another enemy on this goddamned bus. I greeted you, you're gonna do the same." His voice was hard, and the wasn't going to take any crap. Maybe it was that which made Marco make his decision.


Marco half-listened to the guy next to him. His voice commanded more authority than Marco had heard from anyone. He had no choice but to obey.

"Hello. Was there anything? Or were you gonna do the same to me as you did that girl?" Despite being no better himself, he put all his loathing in his voice. He despised people forcing conversation... Like Alex had done. So, before Basilic could remove the shocked look from his face, or form a comprehensible reply, Marco moved from his seat and sat down next to Alex, still more than unhappy at the seating arrangements on this bus, but thinking that a stabbed, injured man would be less than talkative, compared to the weirdo with sunglasses on in mid-autumn.

The End

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