Everyone Else Is Taken

"Oi. What do you think you're doing?! You think it's EASY to talk to that arsehole? He probably provoked him. Sit down and don't try and rule the bus again." I flinched at the slice of his words. I thought I was trying to help.

"I guess ignorance is someones new best friend," I mumbled too low for him to hear, walking to the back of the bus again where I sat alone, Gabby in the opposite corner to me, I sighed. I guess I didn't belong on the bus any more, and I'd only been here a few hours. I slowly got up and walked down the aisle towards Beth.

"Could you stop the bus please, this is my stop." I croaked, uneasily. We all knew it wasn't my stop. 

"I'm sorry, your only a child. I need to get you home first," she replied, keeping her eyes on the road.

"Please," I begged. She looked at me, then shook her head. I then stood by the closed doors for at least 15 minutes, thinking about what I'd done and why it gave such a bad effect. I caught glance of the man that had threatened me.

Just be yourself Amelia, everyone else is taken. I thought, slowly walking up to him, he hand his hand in his pocket and was mumbling curses to himself.

"I'm sorry if I was rude...or intruding, I will not do it again. It would help if you could accept my apology?" she whispered with difficulty. He gave a small nod and looked out of the window, attempting to make her invisible. 

The End

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