Small But Frightening

I stomped up to the man on the bus, stretching onto my toes, attempting to get to his face level.

"Look you idiot. None of us like you, you haven't exactly given us a 'warm' greeting, so just shut it, and let us have peace." I hissed horribly. "And if you hurt anyone else on this bus, you'll be answering to me. Which will not be good." I growled.

He raised the dagger in his hand u high and just before he lunged at my chest, I crippled his hand with my mind, and crumpled all of his weapons again, smashing them, and throwing them out of the window.

"They were expensive you little nit!" he yelled.

"Want to say that again before I cripple your face?!" I threatened, I could feel the stares on my body in shock, but ignored them.

"Oh, you think your so cool and powerful," he sniggered and lifted his nose at me.

"No. But I am against you any day. So if you dare touch anyone in a harsh way again on this bus, I'll will hurt you even worse. I was new too, it doesn't mean you can stab people like a mad man. Now sit down, shut up, and stop thinking you rule the world. You don't. You're an idiot." I hissed, focusing on him and throwing him into his original seat with my powers. I turned to the girl who got stabbed.

"Are you alright?!" I asked, running up to her.

"I'm fine, your so small but so frightening!" I giggled.

The End

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