Is that all you got?

Stupid knife guy runs off the bus after his precious pretty knives and returns about half an hour later.

‘What goes on between that vampire, or indeed anyone, on this bus is nothing to do with you, unless it's you I have a... Disagreement with. Understood?’ I hear the words come from his mouth, but I don’t really care, I’m focusing on just how much pain there is in my ribcage right now. What did that guy stab me with?! I grit my teeth against the pain and feel my arm heal slowly, though the hole in my side takes a while longer to close up. I can feel it getting there though, so in typical Alex fashion, I turn back to him and say:

‘Is that really all you’ve got?’ I ask loudly. I straighten in my seat, grimacing at the uncomfortable tug in my side as I move, the muscles tense and bruised.

'Would you shut up, vampire? I'm trying to have a... Polite conversation with your little girlfriend. I understand the concept may elude you, but do not take your ignorance out on us.' His cold voice slices through me like his knives and the words kinda shock me.

‘That’s rich, coming from you! I came and welcomed you onto the bus. I said “hi” and you stabbed me!’ I gape at him indignantly, kinda getting pissed off – if being stabbed wasn’t a good enough reason.

‘What kind of freak welcomes someone onto the bus?! Apart from a polite driver, of course,’ at this point, he sees Beth glancing in the mirror, down the aisle, and he smiles at her reflection. I laugh and push myself up some more, so I’m sitting straight backed against the window.

‘What kind of freak is so uptight about everything that he can’t even accept a friendly “hi”? Really, it’s a long distance bus, pretty much everyone knows everyone, and for the most part, we at the very least get along!’ I snap back at him. Yeah, okay, I’ll hold my hands up to not being the friendliest person on this bus, but I think this joker has succeeded even Konrad.

'What, vampires and werewolves? Humans and basilisks? Don't tell me it's been peace and harmony the whole way, vampire. I can sense the blood on the air. I could smell it on your breath. You fed recently. Within the last couple of hours, if I'm not mistaken. Killing you would be ridding the world of one more bloodsucking bastard.'

‘I never said we all get on like a happy family, mate, I said “for the most part we get on” not “we all love each other”! I sure as hell don’t like that guy down there. And I’m grudgingly grateful to him, doesn’t mean I like him.’ I point out a couple of people – the writer kid Martin and Jet. ‘but they gave me reasons not to like them, and I suppose we’re mostly at peace now we’ve argued everything out. But you... I gave you no reason to hate me, I was being friendly!’ I stop, wincing as the muscle in my side stitches together, squelching and knitting together. Eugh.

The End

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