Marco was annoyed. And I mean pissed. The stupid woman had managed to steal his weapons! 

"Oi! What do you think your doing, eh? Those are nothing to do with you, and they're more valuable than any of you are to your families!" he shouted, anger flowing from his voice like water down a cliff. And then some wild-cat came flying at him, attempting to smash her fist into his head. Instinctively, he rolled back and came back to his feet, squatting low. He slowly backed down the aisle, coming to the driver. 

"Please, stop the bus. I'll be back in a bit." Beth grumbled something to herself, but stopped anyway. Running back down the road, he collected his possessions, checking each obsessively for damage. Luckily, they'd all landed on the springy emerald grass.

He ran back to the bus after half an hour, and found it stifling, and the harsh smell of the smoke assaulting his nose. He looked around for the wild-woman that had attacked him. He turned to Beth, thanking her, but discretely secreting monkshood along the blades of his hidden knives. Turning back to the people on the bus, he took things in. All the heights, hair colours, little things that suggested personal details - some people wore rings, some jewellery that denoted faith. And a conspicuous lack of the same on others. 

He found the woman/girl that had attacked him and approached her. 

"What goes on between that vampire, or indeed anyone, on this bus is nothing to do with you, unless it's you I have a.. Disagreement with. Understood?" he glowered at her, his cold eyes piercing through her soul. He saw pain and guilt in her eyes, but he didn't care. If he needed, he would rip the wounds open, stab at them, and then add a little poison just to be sure he'd completed the job. She wouldn't be safe if she crossed him.

The End

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