I quickly looked up to see two people fighting, and everyone stifled in smoke. This was terrifying. One second I'm talking to someone, the next i'm being chocked by a weapon not aimed at me. 

Covering my mouth and nose with my hand and scarf, I run to the back of the bus, huddling up in the corner and closing my eyes. I hadn't noticed, but suddenly I was freezing. I shifted my gaze to the people in the bus, they were all shouting and yelling and getting chocked in the omnipresent smoke. 

Those people were right. This isn't a normal bus, I thought. I raised my hand, and immediately made the knife fly out of the mans hand and to my side of the bus, along with all of the other weapons everyone had. I threw them all out of the window with my powers, including the smoking bomb. 

Then when I was standing up and glaring fiercely, everyone turned and stared, I looked at the two people fighting and a girl who was about to smash the man's skull, "If you want all of us to die I suggest you stop this racket and let me get home! I don't want to be here any more! It's completely ridiculous! Why can't we all just greet each other properly without any arguments?!!"

The End

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