May I see your necklace?

"Do you think you could help Meg?" he asked quietly, but it was a little like he was pleading. 

"I'll try," I say back, walking up to her and sitting beside her. After watching her lay silently, I said a small," Hello," she gasped and looked to me. 

"Hi," she whispered back feebly.

"How are you?" I asked her.

"Fine..." I sighed. Lie.

"May I see your necklace?" I asked her quietly, immediately she held it tightly to her chest. 

"Why?!" she asked harshly.

"Please may I see your necklace?" I echoed. She hesitated, then gently took it off of her thin neck, and dropped it into my hands,

"Thank you," I replied, examining it carefully. I looked up at Mr.Bible. He nodded. "Your names Meggie right?" she lifted her head and nodded twice. "I'm Amelia. I think you might need my help."


The End

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