I looked around, half dazed and partially disoriented. I felt sick, I wasn't much of a car fan. I turned my head slowly to see Mars still on the girls lap. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I was so tired, and it was impossible to sleep in these uncomfortable seats. 

I gazed at the girl playing with Mars, watching her every small, insignificant yet large to me movements. Then, she looked up to her teacher and gazed longingly at him. He was at least around 15 years older than her. But he was handsome. She smiled at him ignoring her, then Mars scampered off onto the floor and back onto my lap. 

"Meggie, have you written your description yet?" her teacher asked her. She gasped then looked through her bag for a sheet of paper.

"Yes!" she called back, holding up a crumpled sheet. He laughed. Meggie. Her name was Meggie. When she noticed that Mars had gone, she searched around shocked until she saw that he was on my lap. She walked over and sat beside me.

"Is he yours?" she asked happily. I nodded. 

"You like your teacher don't you," I sniggered playfully, and with that, fell asleep once again, my note still held tightly in my clammy hand.

The End

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