Keeping me here

I wonder for a while if that little note was a good idea. She had looked so down. A vampire with heart. I’m sure I’m the only one. At least, the only (full) one on this bus. Gabby had fallen silent and I suppose I had been pretty harsh, but really, in a very childish way, it was only fair. Because a sorry rarely makes anything better – but immature revenge makes you feel much better. For a while, at least. I rest my head back against the window and turn my gaze to the road flashing beneath us.

How long have we all been here anyway? We haven’t stopped for ages, we just keep going. There must be something more constructive we could be doing than just sitting here, right? I guess this is what inspired the note: something to do. I look back over at that girl, the one I accidentally called “food” earlier. Watching her quietly, I wonder what her story is. Until she catches my eye, that is. I glance away and look back at Gabby. I sigh. Half of me just wants to leave – again. But something is keeping me here, and I begin to wonder what it is. Gabby? The thought echoes in my mind and my eyes widen. I look back at the passing scenery, shocked by my own thoughts, but... what else would be making me stay?

The End

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