I guess I'm just known as food...I thought, sighing. They both didn't know I was awake, neither listening quietly. I'm obviously not wanted here, I can sense they don't like humans. But I'm half wizard, so, would they all hate me?

I saw the girl Gabby turn and look at me, the one that gave me a turkish delight, she grumbled something I didn't quite catch. Then she looked back to the boy next to her, Alex, and began to speak to him again.

Am I the only person who isn't wanted whatsoever? Not by friends, parents, other friends, hardly even Mars who sits on some girls lap I don't even know! I'm just a small ball of nothingness, rolling and spinning uncontrolably. Until a tall person steps on me and I pop, I was nothing before, I'm not even anything now.

"So much for a good adventure," I mumble quietly to myself. I closed my eyes and rested my head back out of exhaustion, when I opened them, on my lap was a crumpled piece of paper. I opened it.

You are wanted, somewhere. It said in a swirly, slanted font. I looked around the bus, no-one with a pen or a notebook, or even paper. Just chatting or eating or making things or staring out of the window. I looked back down to the note, then looked back up.

The vampire Alex caught my gaze for a split second, then seeing that I had saw him, quickly looked back to Gabby. It wasn't him obviously, he hates humans...or was it?

The End

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