Play with your food.

Why did I come back to the bus? What is it that’s keeping me here? I have no friends, no family to speak of. I have an annoying half vampire that keeps screwing up and hoping that a “sorry” will cut it. I pull my knees up to my chest, more of a comfort thing than a way to keep myself warm. The sun was hiding just behind the clouds. It wasn’t a danger to me or Konrad yet. It wouldn’t be a danger to Gabby unless she became a full vampire, I guess. Huh. Fate’s strange like that.

‘Why do you keep screwing up and then apologising, Gabby? Why can’t you just...’ I look up, ‘just manage to keep yourself out of trouble for once,’ I sigh heavily and rest my chin on my knees, looking back down at the floor. ‘One day, a sorry isn’t going to be enough.’ I close my eyes and try to ignore the heavy silence. ‘Why don’t you go back n play with your food, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.’ I mutter quietly.

The End

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