Broken will power and regret

‘Do you think you have enough to share?’ Gabby stands over me. I look up from the person I was drinking from and stumble back, startled by her standing over me. Feeling suddenly sick, I drop the limp body and do my best not to throw up. Gabby swoops forward and finishes the person off and I find I’m crying weakly. I swipe the tears away and stand up. I swear heavily and it makes Gabby look up.

‘What’s up?’ she asks, wiping her mouth. I shake my head, unable to trust that my voice would be steady. ‘You don’t look well...’

‘I just made another family fatherless. I’ve done to someone else what a vampire did to me! I’m despicable. Just like that coward that did it to me.’ I turn away, closing my eyes. The world seems to spin and the ground collides with my head. I feel Gabby reach to help me up, but I swat her hands away. ‘Just leave me here. Leave me alone.’ I mumble, not moving.

‘Just get up!’ she exclaimed, irritated. I shake my head, regretting it the moment I stop. She sighs heavily and hauls me up.

‘Let go of me!’ I snarl.

‘Jesus, Alex. You’re like a baby. Just get up!’ she pulls her hand away and stamps her foot on the ground. A little grit flies towards my face as her foot meets the ground and I scowl. And she calls me the baby?

‘You’re a fine one to talk!’ I yell, picking myself up and standing a few steps away from her, glaring angrily at her through the dim light.

Hey, I'm not the one still depressed about what I am.’ She says, but the moment the words are away from her lips, I can see she doesn’t mean that.

‘Liar.’ I accuse. She hangs her head, staring at her feet.

‘I-I’m sorry,’ she whispers hoarsely. I shake my head.

‘Whatever, let’s go.’ I grumble and stalk off without waiting for her.

The End

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