Amelia stretched her hand out for the girl, "Wait!-" she called, but she was already gone. Sighing, Amelia slumped back in her chair, noticing the bus had stopped. "Why did we stop?" she whispered to herself.

She lifted Mars off of her lap and placed her on the seat the girl was on, lifting her legs up on the chair and wrapping her arms around them. She looked out of the window to see fields and countryside stretching for miles and miles.

I'm pondering on whether to walk if it takes this long... Amelia thought impatiently.

Suddenly the two of them both jumped up on the bus happily, laughing. They walked up the aisle and the girl moved Mars, plopping down next to her.

"Sup," she smiled, suddenly, Amelia noticed that the girls eyes were fully coloured, they weren't red around the edges like before. Amelia hadn't noticed but the girl was a lot prettier than her, she sighed and placed Mars on the floor. He ran under their feet and up and down the aisle happily.

Amelia slumped her head against he window, curling into a ball and attempting to fall asleep. It was slowly working. Then the girl smiled and saw that she wanted to be alone, so she moved away and talked to the person who went out in the countryside with her. And the bus began to roll over the tarmac once again.

The End

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