I sighed, glancing around at everyone. A girl had just sat next to me and spoke to me for a bit, until someone came up and took them away.

Am That's what that person had said...maybe being on this bus wasn't the best idea. But I can't leave now, not until I'm home. Which I think, is a long way away from here, wherever here actually is.

I stared around cautiously, and I opened my bag to see my pet baby dragon in there. I fed it some paper and whispered, "Shh you mongrel! I don't think you're allowed dragons on this bus!-"

"You are," a voice said. I looked up to see the girl again, she was smiling and she had a turkish delight in her hand, ready to pass to me. I smiled.

"Good," I sniggered and opened my bag, taking out Mars, my dragon, and placing him on my lap. She sat back down next to me again and offered me a turkish delight. "Thanks," I smiled and gently took it, peeling off it's outer wrapper to see a small chocolate, inside was purple jelly, gooey stuff. I licked it then gobbled it down, she laughed and strolked Mars.

"What's his name?" she asked me.

"Mars," I smiled. "I just hope he won't grow into a huge dragon and fall in love with a donkey like the movie Shrek!"

The End

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