Turkish Delight vs Crisps. Neither wins.

Gabby gives me some of her Turkish Delight and as I eat, I realise this is much like my thing with the crisps. Eventually I push the box back in her hands and shake my head.

‘Not working.’ I grunt and get up. Gabby flashes me a worried glance as I gaze at that new human for a moment. I tear my eyes off her and sigh, making my way to the front of the bus. I look up at Gabby before I ask Beth to once again let me off. I’m half hoping Gabby will come with me and help me refrain myself, but as the beast growls forcefully I shrug to myself and jump out of the doors before the bus even stops. Beth calls after me, asking how long I’ll be but I’m too far away, too quickly to reply.

The End

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