Well, that wasn't so bad. When Jesse was alive, he would have just about thrown me off the bus and left me for dead. Probably worse. I wasn't even sad that he was gone for ever.

I'm hungry.' I heard Alex moan as I pretended to sulk. I looked up at him and saw him clutching his stomach.

Leaning down, I picked up my bag from the floor and opened the tiny case. It was a miracle it had survived that fire a while ago - I didn't even have to wear stolen clothes if I didn't want to. Pulling out my little bag of turkish delight, I handed it to him.

'It's a little trick someone showed me a while back. Turkish delight is my substitute craving, and you can share it if you like. Or you could go and buy your own.' He nodded, taking the paper bag. I could easily see how dubious he was, but he proceeded to munch on the squishy cubes anyway, getting dusty sugar on his hands.

I replaced my case, and sat back. On hearing the quiet snuffling of the vampire beside me, I laughed to myself. Maybe I should go into the business of replacement cravings, I thought.

The End

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