Not in the mood, Gabby.

I grab the collar of Gabby’s shirt and pull her up.

‘It’s not nice to play with your food, Gabby, so shut up and go sit back down.’ I say pushing her in the direction of our seats again. ‘Sorry about that, I hope she didn’t bother you too much,’ I say to the new person, before moving off, not waiting for a reply. I’m not in the mood for Gabby to be an idiot, and Konrad certainly isn’t, after Jesse was killed. Jet even had the nerve to return. Except, when Jet became human again, the block on the beast inside of me was released and I felt so hungry. So I let Gabby know just how unimpressed I was, putting in my blue contacts as I spoke.

‘Don’t be such an idiot, Gabby, do you want to end up like Jesse? But killed by Konrad, rather than a demon... human... whatever. Ugh.’ I plop back into my seat and ignore Gabby being all huffy.'I'm hungry,' I moan quietly, clutching at my stomach.

The End

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