You Should Know...

Someone walked onto the bus. I mean, like, a new person.

I craned my neck around so that I could see her as she walked to an empty seat near the back, before sitting down, out of view. I waited a few seconds before bounding up and walking quickly down the aisle towards her.

Slowing as I drew nearer, I watched as she scribbled something down in a little notebook, before flopping onto the seat next to her with a heavy sigh. She hastily snapped the little book shut, and hurried to hide it from me. I noticed, but didn't comment.

The shy girl looked at me incredelously, shocked at my behaviour. Smiling at her, and sticking my hand out under her nose, I said, 'Hey, I'm Gabby.'

She looked even more aghast, eyes  wide, but shook my outstretched hand hesitantly. 'Amelia.'

Straightening up in my seat, I looked down the bus. I was going to get into a lot of trouble for this, but I really didn't care. The boredom had been killing me.

Alex was glaring at me from over the top of his seat, his face like thunder. I ducked behind the chair, hiding, before I felt Amelia's eyes on me.

'You should know,' I whispered, though I knew that Alex and Konrad would be able to hear me anyway, 'this bus isn't for anyone who can't handle weird. it's probably too late now, but I don't want you be taken by surprise when something strange happens.' she nodded, horrorstruck. She could hear the seriousness in my voice and believed me.

I didn't want her to trust me, though.

Hesitating before continuing, I took another quick glance back in the direction of Alex. I felt a sudden spasm of panic when I couldn't see the top of his head over the seat. And then I saw that he was walking down the aisle towards us. He looked like a man - vampire - with a purpose.

Ducking my head again, I proceeded in a hurried whisper, 'There are dangerous things on this bus - things you don't want to mess with. Including me.' I bared my slightly pointed teeth n a quick grin, before stiffening at the sound of footsteps.

Turning, I faced Alex. I just had to cling on to the hope that he wouldn't be as harsh as Jesse.

The End

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