As the bus slowly pulled up to my stop, I paused. The bus was dangerously dirty, and many ferocious things sat there in seats. The doors opened, and a bus driver smiled at me. 

"Hop in," she smiled. I hesitated, then took in a deep breathe, held it, and walked up towards the bus. Taking two steps up the stairs and walking up to the woman. I looked through my old fashioned brown saddle bag for my bus ticket, taking it out and showing her an embarrassing photo of me at a young age. She smiled and nodded to the seats. 

I turned. Nearly all of the seats were taken. I tried the second row to back on the left. No-one sat there so I decided to walk over to it. I felt eyes melting into my body, I obviously wasn't welcome on this bus. As soon as my bum hit the seat next to the window, laughter and speech filled the bus. It slowly began to set off, rolling gently over the gravel on the road. 

No-one spoke to me, I didn't feel like they needed too, unless they wanted to. I was quite an unsociable person which irritated me a little. But never the less, I carried on with life.

I picked up my bag and put onto my lap, opening it and rummaging through it, finding my fountain pen and my small notebook that said:

Amelia's notebook on the front page. I flicked every page and looked up to see a handsome boy. He smiled at me, then went back to what he was doing.

I clicked open my pen and wrote, Why do I fall in love with every boy who pays the slightest bit of attention to me?

The End

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