This could kill the both of us.

‘Jet. Why do you crave demonic power so much? Is that what is worth so much to you?’ Alice asks, wrapping her arms around me tightly. I want to slap her away, I want to pull her close and never let go. I hate Jaska for giving me human emotions. I’m glad that he did. This divide within me will kill us both, but it’s irresistible.

She carries on, her words coming through the silver this time. ‘Jet, I know you. You won't do something without some massive personal gain. I know this is going to kill me, but I can't help it.’

‘After then thousand years of a power like mine, I’m sure you would crave its maintenance too. ’ I reply quietly, muttering into her hair. I wrap my arms around her and I feel her smile. ‘This could kill us both.’ I tell her. ‘I don’t want it to.’ I add in a voice so soft I’m not sure she hears it. I’m aware of Jaska waiting impatiently but I ignore him and damn the consequences.

The End

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