Tell me in soft whispers and kisses.

‘Now look, I'm stuck loving you.’ Alice growls and turns to look out of the window briefly. ‘Five thousand? For something as steep as your demonic powers back and risking his life I’m surprised Jaska didn't ask for something more.’ She murmurs turning towards me again. I can see she doesn’t think I’m telling her everything, but she will have to live with that one for a while.

‘Jet, why do you love... me?’ Alice hesitates, trying to keep the curiosity out of her voice, though I can see it all through the silver anyway. I can’t answer her question. I’ve only just realised that I love her at all, how am I supposed to know why?

‘I don’t know.’ I tell her, my voice as blank as hers. I look at her but she avoids meeting my eye.

‘Why do you love me? How can you put words to an emotion like that – especially if you’ve only just realised you’re capable of feeling it after so long?’ I challenge her to answer that question. She glances up at me and I take advantage of the pause to brush my lips against hers for a second.

‘Tell me.’ I whisper.

The End

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