Grim Reaper

Alice stared into his eyes. "Why do you threaten me but you never fill them out?" She growled before walking past him, as she did she grasped the leg of his glamour and etched the word 'coward' into his skin. She kissed his forehead once more before leaving the bus. She jumped into the sky and flew off to a village a little way out. It was a small town of about 1,000. She stopped at the entrance to the town. She beat her wings cautiously and gathered her energy into a ball. She focused it deep into the Earth's surface, "I bet Jet didn't even know about the powers I gained since I left him." She growled to herself. The Earth began to quake and people began to scream. There was only one way out of the village but Alice sent a fireball toward it, melting straight through the bridge.

Some tried to run out into the forest but she created a wall of fire around the town. The screams grew louder as some desperate humans tried to run through the fire then burnt to death. Soon houses were on fire from broken gas pipes and electrical surges. She stopped the earthquake and watched as the humans did nothing to stop this 'natural disaster.' She allowed some to survive to make it look like an accident, about 50 or so.

She stood at the broken bridge and held out a hand, whispering sweet nothings to the souls, her angelic appearance drawing them toward her. She gathered them in, feeling the energy surge through her. She had forgotten how good it felt. When all the souls had been collected she flew back to the bus, but paused a few miles away. She sighed, a few miles further she could hear the sound of sirens and news reporters saying that "There were flames everywhere! The ground began to crack and there were screams everywhere!" The woman shouted. Alice merely laughed and fell to her knees, enjoying the air outside.

The End

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