Do what you want.

Alice kisses me on the cheek, trying to make up for pissing me off, I suppose, but I’m still not listening as she talks at me.

‘Sir. What have you done?’ she asks as I sit there staring at the back of the chair. I begin melting patterns into the plastic, mindless doodles tracing across the surface. I say nothing and Alice sighs, slumping into her seat. I practice my ability with silver, reassuring myself it’s still there, putting fine strips of silver into the engraved lines on the chair.

Alice watches me carefully, her presence apprehensive. Frustrated at the lack of collar for her, I move my hand from the back of the chair to her throat. I grip her neck tightly and she gasps, choking as I squeeze. I pump silver out of my hand into a choker type necklace much like the last one. I tighten my grip for a second longer and let go, pushing slightly as I drop her. She tips backwards, but stops herself from falling off.

‘Who are you to question me?’ I sneer, forcing my presence to grow menacingly, encompassing her with cold energy.

‘S-sorry, sir. I only asked so I could – help you.’ Her sentence falters as she sees the icy look in my eyes. They flash black for a moment, reminding her who I am, before returning to green.

‘Help me then. Go collect souls. Do what you like.’ I snap, turning back to my silver doodle.

The End

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