Power of a demon.

‘You can't love. You won’t love. Why should I?’ Alice accuses, and I glare hatefully at the back of the seat, unsure of my answer. Damn Jaska. I told him to make me how I was before! Not to leave me with human emotions. ‘So, aren't you going to collar me and make me your pet?’ she asks with a fake smile. I shake my head, not looking at her.

‘No?’ she asks, her fake smile seeping into her voice. It... it almost hurts me to hear her talk to me like that, but my first reaction is to slap her. I don’t even think, my hand simply makes sharp contact with her face. I feel people’s eyes on me. I ignore them. She scowls and takes the abuse, yelling back at me.

‘Come on! Get on with it, sir!’ she sneers, straightening herself, glaring defiantly at me. I press my lips together and raise my fist, baled up and ready to beat the crap out of her...

And then I drop it to my side. I sit back on the seat and close my eyes. Thank you, Jaska. You gave me the power of a demon, and the body of one, but the mentality of a human! How am I supposed to kill off five thousand people for their souls like this?! I was really, really stupid to have thought Jaska would help me out completely.

Alice sneers at how human I am and says something to provoke me, but I tune her out, hiding behind my closed eyelids.

The End

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