No Love for the Damned

"You can't love. You WON'T love. Why should I?" She growled. The poison of Jet's lips lingered on her own, she had so many fond memories of him and so many that she hated, unfortunately the hate out numbered the love. Her shoulder was still warm from the touch of humanity and she snarled.

She snapped her gaze toward Jet and smiled, it was fake. She wanted it to be. "So, aren't you going to collar me and make me your pet?" She snarled tilting her head back, exposing her bare neck. Another feather fell from her wings. It was probably her anger, she thought. She picked it up, holding it between two fingers. She could see her reflection in its glossy surface. Although her wings were white, there was no deceiving the dead feather. Almost instantly she dropped it, letting it twirl toward the ground. Landing next to the other one.

Once she saw the feather fall she lifted her head, allowing Jet to collar her. Like the dog she was, his little. Pet. Dog.

The End

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