‘Cold,’ I mutter to myself more than to Alice, but it makes her look, the word making her remember my brief hours as a human and my comment on her being so cold.

‘What?’ she asks, the way a person would if they hadn’t heard properly, though I know she heard me perfectly well.

‘You’re so cold. Before, it was temperature. But you turn your back to me as though you wish I hadn’t returned. It’s cold.’ I say, hiding my slight smile. I force a hurt gleam into my green eyes – a feature I decided to keep after learning my real eye colour.

‘You don’t care, Jet.’ She states, her voice as cold my memory of her hands. ‘You’re a demon again, returned no doubt to your previous state, before the end of the end of the war.’ I put out a hand and rest my heavy palm on her shoulder, pushing her slightly so she faces me. I fill myself with human warmth and she grimaces against the heat, as if trying to block out the humanity in my touch.

‘I’m a demon, it doesn’t mean my memories or emotions were erased the moment I returned to my real state. It’s ruined me forever, but I think I could live with that.’ I try to smile, but the corners of my mouth merely twitch. Her eyes soften a little, even if the hard line of her lips doesn’t. I feel her thoughts, more than hear them. She doesn’t want to care. She wants me to stop caring, so she can too. This time a smile manages to light up my face and I kiss her gently. She pushes me away.

I drop my hand, acting stung and I turn to face the front of the bus, sitting silently.

The End

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