Your Time is Numbered

"Boo back." She growled, turning her back to him she looked out the window. She knew Jet was a demon again and the day, she thought, had been too short. She growled, the blood in her veins began to boil as she thought of everything he did wrong to her. In the burst of anger she turned round and slapped Jet, her nails scratched his cheek causing him to bleed slightly. It would have been black if it was deeper. She cursed. If only it was deeper.

Her eyes flared with anger and she glared at Jet for a moment before turning round again, looking out the window. She had nothing to say to him. Silence. A feather fell from her wing and she sighed, every few months another feather would fall. As if her time was numbered. It probably was.

She didn't have anything to say to Jet, she didn't want to look into his envy green eyes and she didn't want to even begin thinking about what Jet had agreed to, or planned down there in the underworld. If Jet didn't care, neither did she.

The End

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