Hello, Jet.

"Hello, Jet." Jaska smirked appearing behind Jet. He was in his glamour, even though he was in the underworld. "What brings you here?" He laughed, disappearing and reappearing in front of him. He didn't wait for an answer, he wasn't exactly a...patient person. Instead he looked into a glass ball he pulled from his pocket.

In the ball he saw a stretched image of Jet's final moments, "Wow, a murder and a broken heart. You really did it this time Jet." He ran a hand through his slick brown hair and smiled. "Jet, Jet, Jet." He tutted, shaking his head before throwing down the glass ball making it smash into a thousand pieces. "So, what do you want? You must be here in my domain for something." He rolled his eyes, crossed his arms and tapped his foot waiting for his answer. "Answer quickly, my patience wears thin."

The End

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