Going down in fits of laughter

I grab Jesse and force Beth to pull the bus over. I know Konrad and Alex are immediately alarmed by this. Jesse laughs though. Alice follows me off the bus, yelling something about wanting me to be happy.

‘A bet!’ my voice is higher than usual and rage forces my hand to tighten around Jesse’s throat. He stops laughing for some reason. ‘A bet!’ I scream. ‘I’m a human, Alice. Emotions matter suddenly. Get away from me.’ I shout as she takes a step closer. I see Konrad watching us out of the window cautiously. ‘Give me a knife.’ I demand. Alice reluctantly produces a silver one and hands it over. Even as a being weaker than her, she still seems to feel the need to obey me. I laugh mirthlessly and stab the vampire in the neck. Blood flies as I pull the knife out and thrust it into his flesh again. Jesse falls to the floor choking, dying. Konrad is on top of me within the blink of an eye, ripping into my flesh. I’m still laughing.

Alice cries her bloodied tears and wails as my body is torn apart. I swear at her vehemently until my throat is ripped open and I gurgle with laughter as my soul evacuates the human shell.

I went down laughing, and that’s what matters. I have the underworld to get through now.

The cold, cloying darkness of the underworld pulls me in the moment I close my eyes to the human world. Human for only a day, what a pity. I see the helpless souls of other dead beings lost in the vast darkness around me. No demons. Odd. Thankfully I know mostly how to go about avoiding the wrong demons in this place, but my time is limited – Lucifer will catch on in a few seconds, no doubt.

Jaska... he’s the only one I know that would even consider helping me out, but only for a personal gain. If I had shoulders I would shrug to myself at this point, but slightly disadvantaged by my lack of any real shape, I simply move on, fleeing through the dark space.

I keep moving until I can sense Jaska’s presence. I’m about to rush into his little domain thing and demand he changes me back again, but something stops me. Jaska might just hand me over, right? I mean I was just as heartless as him not that long ago, and I know that if I was in his position, I would hand the soul in question over without hesitation. I steel myself and float through his barriers like ether.

The End

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