All I want. Is you Happy.

Alice could hear Jet's thoughts, but didn't give him chance to answer. She knew he would want to become a demon again soon so she leant forward and kissed him. It was full of emotion, from what she felt, both sides. When she broke it, she came back, looking at Jet. He seemed sort of... angry. Alice knew what was coming next, but she didn't move. Jet lifted his hand and slapped her. He didn't like people choosing things for him.

Jet got up and turned to Alice. "I don't care for you or your love! I'm outta here." He growled, grabbing Jesse he stopped the bus and dragged him off. Alice knew what he was going to do. She followed him off the bus hurridly. "Sir, no!" Alice cried towards him. "I don't need this...Love. I was bet off a demon!" He growled. The sun was appearing over the horizon. Alice looked at Jesse, worry was paved behind his eyes. Alice broke eye contact with him and looked at Jet, "If that makes you happiest." She begged. "All I want is for you to be happy. Jet."

The End

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