Awkward love.

‘I love you.’ Alice mutters, rebuilding her glamour. ‘Sir. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.’ She says at my silence.

‘Love.’ I repeat. I’m not sure whether my tone was disgusted or... grateful? Both, I think. ‘Love is... weakness. Yet it seems to have gotten a hold on both of us...’ I choke the words out; I’m hardly able to believe I’m the one saying them – whatever happened to ruthless, demonic Jet that would randomly stop the bus just to kill a village? I grimace. I don’t feel any guilt for the memory, nor any of the memories where I tortured and killed so many beings, but when I think of how I treated Alice... my stomach flips and I look for that bag of food.

‘Both of us?’Alice asks looking up. There seems to be hope in her voice, hidden behind the cynicism. I rip the wrapper off a bar of chocolate and ignore her words, breaking the bar into chunks in my lap. I sit and stare at the dark little chunks of chocolate for a while, before I realise it’s melting from my body heat. I lift the packet off my lap with the squares of sugary crap in and shove it toward Alice, reaching instead for a bottle of water.

‘Both of us...’ I repeat quietly, looking out of the window. I turn back to look at Alice, met by her blue eyes, quietly watching me. I hesitate, torn between ignoring her – the strongest instinct – and turn away, or leaning forward and planting a kiss on her lips, filled with all these human emotions. I’m sure you can tell which one I choose.

The End

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