Awkward Silence

Alice looked at Jet, "but then again, you will never become an angel, hmm?" She laughed looking at Jet, he seemed unnerved by something. "Something... missing?" She questioned, cocking her head slightly. Although, it was a slightly rhetorical question in the way she never really expected an answer.

Jet looked at her, the feeling in his stomach really annoyed him. "Why?" He growled, Alice was a little taken aback by this reaction. "Why, what?" She stammered, Jet didn't reply. He simply ignored her. Alice felt another tear fall down her cheek and Jet sighed, irritated. "Don't start crying again. It makes you weak." He growled, but there was a hint of advice in his voice.

Alice could see his was battling himself and she looked to the floor. "I love you." She muttered, she didn't know how Jet would react. She flicked the end of her wings as she began to rebuild her glamour as her energy slowly came back. "Sir. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything." She looked at the back of the chair infront of her and sighed. She hated awkward silence, but this time it was her fault really.

The End

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