Not That Easy

Alice pulled Jet toward her. She wrapped her arms around him and smiled. "I know. I will keep it safe sir, I won't let him take it from me." She kissed his cheek. Trying to stop herself from trembling. That was when she felt it. The big force. She smiled. "Let him come." She muttered to Jet.

Lucifer appeared from a hole in the bottom of the bus. All the demons around Jet and Alice froze in time. It was only them left to see what would happen next. Lucifer had messy blond hair and wore a white suit... white. He looked down on Alice and Jet, huddled together on the bus floor. "Aww, how cute." He snarled. "You know what I am here for." He smiled a crooked smile, hints of evil outlining his lips. He placed a hand out in front of him, lifting Jet up. "Ahh, the one soul I would come up here to collect myself." He laughed. "But wait, there is no soul" His eyes snapped toward Alice, dropping Jet to the floor. Alice looked at him with terror, as much as she didn't want to. "Oh well, I kill you, I get two souls. Great." His grin became wider. A silver knife appeared in his hand, Alice tried to move but found herself frozen to the spot.

Lucifer threw the knife, it aiming straight for her heart and he never missed. She watched, almost in slow motion as it flew toward her. Jet saw it and, although he didn't want to, the tug in his stomach forced himself to stand in front of her. "Nooo!" Alice screamed, shaking her head as he fell to the floor.

Jet's body began to float toward the sky. A golden light appearing in the roof of the bus. Jet's soul was pulled from Alice's body as Jet ascended into heaven.

Lucifer snarled. "Not that easy." He laughed placing a hand on Jet's leg he pulled him down, removing the knife from Jet's chest, he reached inside, healing his heart. "Fine. For now you have won. But you remain human." He cursed dragging Jet down to the floor. Replacing his soul in Jet's body.  

The End

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