Green eyes.

I feel Alice’s body being drained of strength, and blood. I do my best to provide some kind of healing energy for her, but there’s only so much a human soul can do. I see my body lying limp on the floor beside Alice as she looks at it. I can feel her emotions coursing through her with violent force as she sees me. My face is pale and blank, my eyes half open. My eyes are green, I notice, though they’re dulled with the lack of a soul behind them. The emotions she feels are similar to the ones I feel when I look at her. I still don’t know what it is, but it’s that gut wrenching tug that makes you gravitate towards that person.

As Alice looks around the bus, I see the demons waiting impatiently for their master to arrive, Jaska standing nearby, a grim smile on his face. Time for the rest of the passengers however seems to have stopped. I don’t know if they can see what’s happening or not. Alice keeps watch over my body, ready to defend me, whether she’s able or not. I feel the presences around us shudder as something much bigger comes our way. No prizes for guessing who.

‘Leave my body, Alice,’ I try to tell her. She rejects the idea immediately. ‘Listen to me. We all know who’s about to arrive, and my soul is the only thing we need to keep safe.’

‘You’re a human, Jet; you can’t just construct a new body out of nothing.’ She replies stubbornly. I sigh and resign myself to the fact that the chances of us both going down are formidably high. We tremble together and I find myself beginning to realise what this new emotion must be. But it can’t be. No.

Demons can’t love.

But then I remember... I’m not a demon anymore.

The End

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