Cold hands


Cold hands push against me and breathing gets easier. My pain dulls to an ache, but the demons around us roar impatiently. They’re waiting for Lucifer, I know it.

‘Alice,’ I whisper weakly, straining to lift a hand for hers. She wraps her hand around mine as she speaks defiantly to a demon behind us. I can’t see this demon, but Alice seems to know him. I try to send her a mental message, but I can’t. Her words come back to me ‘humans are holy’. How can such weak beings be holy?

‘Alice.’ I say louder. She squeezes my hand slightly, but she doesn’t turn her attention to me, she’s simply healing me as she defies this other demon. ‘Alice!’ I shout. She jumps and I pull my hand away from hers, sitting up. I rub my temples slowly, acting as if we have all the time in the world. I see her look at me, a flash of panic crossing her face as I sag against the chair next to me.

 I reach forwards and pull her towards me, hugging her close as I whisper in her ear. ‘Take my soul. Keep it safe. I’ll need it.’ I chuckle and kiss her tenderly on the lips. The demon behind her roars angrily at my action and my eyes flick up, watching his reaction. He charges forwards with his sword high, aiming at me. I glare at him rebelliously, daring him to kill me before Alice can take my soul from them all. ‘I’m sorry you have to do this alone.’ I add quickly as he swings his sword at my head.

The End

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