Marriage Faults.

"No!" Alice screamed, running toward Jet. But something held her back. A hand on her shoulder, it yanked her backward, throwing her off the bus. She landed with a thud on the burning tarmac. "You!" She growled as a demon loomed over her. His dark brown hair and cold brown eyes were unmistakable. It was her husband, from so long ago. "I knew you would become heartless." She shouted as she pulled herself up.

He laughed. "I knew you would always become good for nothing. Wait, you always were." He snarled as he produced a knife from behind him. "I knew you never slept with anyone. Thats why you became an angel, right?" His laugh was evil and full of menace as he disappeared, and reappeared behind her. She heard the zip of her dress get pulled down but she turned round, smacking the demon in the face. "Why you.. you!" The demon growled, Alice laughed. "I'm not the weak woman you thought I was." She created a fireball in her hand. Although it was raining the fire did not go out. She threw it at the demon, who dodged it easily.

The demon ran toward her with the knife, but she dodged with ease, spinning round. But the knife caught her wing, slicing some feathers from the tips. "You're mine!" He shouted, Alice couldn't help but think about Jet left alone on the bus full of demons. She tried to run back to the bus, but was pulled back by her 'husband.' He took the knife and sliced it through the join of her wing, it sliced through the bone and flesh like a knife through metal. The pain made her freeze and she bit down on her tongue, holding back a scream as her wing fell to the floor. She reached a hand round, touching the sticky stub of wing left twitching on her back. Blood poured from her wound as she scrambled up the bus stairs.

She pushed herself toward Jet, throwing other demons out the way. "Jet!" She screamed as she felt the demon on her again. He dragged her down the aisle of the bus by her remaining wing but Alice stopped him. She turned, throwing a fireball at his chest. He flew backward. "You don't give up do you? All for him." He laughed. "Lucifer will be here for him soon, his life is slipping away..." Alice twitched at his words, the pull in her stomach made her feel sick. "Shut up!" She growled, clawing her way to Jet she placed two hands upon his chest, using all her energy to heal some of the wounds Jaska had made. "Please don't go, not yet." She sobbed.

The demon laughed at her whilst trying to slice through her second wing. She flew round and kicked him back out of the door of the bus, he landed next to her dead wing. "I won't let you win." She growled, falling to the floor. Healing the dying was more draining than she thought, "But... you won't win." She sobbed as the demon's knife turned to a sword and he stood for a moment, lording it over her, "You've lost. Admit it." He smiled, Alice simply shook her head.

She was knelt on the floor, one wing on the floor in front of her, the other hanging from her back, limp. Her hair was matted with fresh blood and her hands were stained red. Her dress was torn and she had cuts on her legs where she had fell. She looked into the eyes of the demon with determination and anger. She would not give him the pleasure of seeing her in pain.

The End

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