Human weakness

The bus comes to an abrupt stop, and Alice curls an arm around me protectively.

‘Jaska,’ she growls. I look around. I can’t see anything. The bus rocks and Alice’s eyes widen, staring out of the windows. I feel a breeze and an invisible hand on my shoulder. Alice slaps it away, but it grabs at my throat. I cling pathetically to Alice’s arm as I’m pulled away from her by my throat. I gasp for air and silver wraps itself around me. I crash to the floor in the aisle, choking and Alice shouts something.

I hear Jaska’s laugh and he appears now, a weak human glamour, cracked and rippling, much like mine was before I was transformed. I blink, his face looming over mine. He grins, the expression distorted and upside down. I wince – such a human reaction – and nearly let myself whimper as pain shoots down my spine. I writhe, keeping my jaw clenched shut, the scream kept inside.

‘So stubborn, Jet. You always were, I suppose. I don’t know what I was expecting to happen to your personality when you became human, I suppose.’ He mused, taking his merry own time to put me through as much pain as he could. Alice’s voice fades out, I’m sure she’s still yelling her head off, but All I can hear is Jaska and eventually my own voice laden with agony. Jaska stands and disappears. My breaths come fast and laboured, but I can breathe again! Alice comes back into view and her voice sounds a lot like it’s underwater. I blink and my head lolls to the side, unsupported. All I see is people’s feet and demons everywhere, before things start to go black.

The End

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