Underworld Arose

Alice looked at Jet, following him as they slid onto the bus. "Jet... I won't let him," she murmured through tears. She felt a tug in her stomach as she spoke the words. She had not felt that in years. In fact, truly she had never felt it at all. It pulled at her, yanking her to the seat next to Jet.

She looked at Jet, then to the rest of the people on the bus. The sulfur in her throat suddenly rose to her mouth. The taste of charcoal and smoke filled her mouth, lungs and throat. She found it hard to breathe as her glamour began to break. Black cracks appearing on her wings, moving down to her back, then spreading to her legs then feet. Then it began to spread from her back up wards. She looked to Jet. "They're here." She spoke, sullenly.

The bus screeched to a halt as a figure appeared in front of them. More figures appeared on each side of the bus. But the one that caught her attention was the one stood in front of the bus. "Jaska." She growled. The figures had appeared from the floor and they had begun to bang on the windows and side of the bus. "Jet!" Jaska screamed and almost instinctively Alice placed an arm around him, holding him close.

The End

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