I don't know, do I?

Alice pays for the food – also known as crap – and we leave, finally.

‘Jet, what will happen if it does rise and... and you're still human?’ she asks as we make our way back to the bus. I glance at her, before training my eyes back on the ground before me. I’m still finding it a little difficult to walk, being new to this whole human thing.

‘I don’t know. How would I know?’ I reply tersely. Alice falls back a step, stung by my words.

‘Becoming human hasn’t really changed you has it?’ she laughs, a hint of bitterness behind it. I stop and look her in the eye. I’m at least a head taller than her, so it’s pretty easy to make her literally look up into my own eyes.

‘If anything, it’s made me more cynical and vicious.’ I tell her. ‘As for what will happen when the underworld gets here... well, I pissed Lucifer off quite a lot. He’ll probably take my soul and torture it for the rest of time.’ I smile happily and break the eye contact, walking off in the direction of the bus. Alice doesn’t follow for a few seconds, stunned.

‘How... how can you just say that so... cheerfully and matter of fact?!’ she cries catching up with me. I shrug.

‘It’s gonna happen at some point – last time he took my soul, I was still strong. I managed to escape. I guess that’s why Jaska was sent to make me a human again.’ I keep walking, refusing to look at Alice.

‘Jaska?’ Alice’s voice rises angrily.

‘Yes. We’d better get back to the bus – everyone’s back there already.’ I change the subject with all the subtlety of a brick through a pane of glass.

The End

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