Second Nature

Alice watched as Jet shoveled the food into his mouth. She smiled, waiting for him to finish. "Now, why are you so loyal to me still?" Jet asked, persistent. Alice sighed, just as the waitress brought over a coke and placed it on the table. She stirred the straw round the glass, making the ice cubes clink together. When she looked up she noticed Jet's irritation. "Sorry. Habit." She murmured. She had no intention of drinking it.

"Why am I loyal?" She sighed again. "Good question. I don't know." She smiled weakly, looking at Jet. His face was pale and lacked any colour. He looked as if he was about to pass out. Concern laced her eyes as Jet spoke again. "I waited for that?" He almost growled. Alice snickered and traced patterns in the side of her glass. "No, let me finish." She placed a piece of hair behind her ear and continued. "I, I don't see you as a master. Not really. I do what you wish because it..." She paused again, gathering her thoughts, she really did not want to answer this question. "Survival, because it allows me to survive..."  She stopped. "I don't think I can without you." She finished in her head.

Alice searched her head, desperate to change the conversation. She pushed the drink toward him. "Here, drink. You will feel better." She smiled as if trying to coerce him to drink it. "Sir. Would you like anything else? You still don't look too good." Alice smiled once more, she found it hard to smile when faking she looked so innocent. But still she smiled, she couldn't help it. It was like second nature to her. "Drink." She laughed happily, her eyes softening toward Jet's reluctance to drink the brown liquid. But, Alice didn't blame him. He had never drank coke before he was a demon, or during. No wonder he was wary.

The End

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