A Heart, Still. A Heart, Stopped.

"Death does that to you." She smiled weakly. "Sir... what, what happened?" She spoke softly. "Why? What?...Sorry. Sir, what are you going to do now?" She muttered. She could feel the underworld rising within her. Something was going to happen soon and Jet wasn't going to be part of it. She touched her neck, it was wierd without the necklace shielding it from the sun. It took a while to adjust.

She breathed steadily. Her own heart was still. It did not rise when she inhaled, it did not fall when she exhaled. "Sir. Your hand, is warm." She took her hand from his, Jet's skin burning her own. She flexed her wings, wrapping them round her and Jet, allowing them to talk without prying eyes or ears. "Now. What are we going to do?" She spoke calmly.

The End

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