Alice woke, slowly. She rubbed her eyes and coughed a little, ridding the sulfur from her system. "Jet.." She slurred before waiting for the world to come back into focus. "Jet...sir, what happened?" She murmerred, still trying to find her voice. Jet was still silent so Alice decided to drop the subject. She placed her arms round his waist, pulling herself closer to him. Trying her best to comfort the demon.

She smiled slightly, listening to the silence of his heart compared to the buzz of the bus. When something odd happened. Something in his chest jumped. It sounded old and laboured. But soon the beat became rhythmatic, sort of like a drum. "Jet..." She stuttered jolting upright suddenly. "You...you, sorry." Jet gave her a stern look and she shook herself. "Sir. You have a heartbeat." She shivered, the words she thought would never be spoken. The demon, he lives as a mortal.

The End

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