Familiar Faces

Alice looked out the window, stuck by this awkward moment. "What was Jet saying?" She thought, the trees outside began to slow, but the bus showed no sign of stopping. She was still thinking until something stopped her train of thought. She began to cough. The taste and smell of sulfur choking her. Her skin began to get hot. The bus seemed to melt around her. The coughing got worse as she grasped her throat. "Is this it?"  She thought, "The underworld is rising?"

The bus stopped. But it was only a mirage. The bus' shell had melted leaving only seats behind. Everybody else had frozen still. The trees and road had changed to a dull, red, volcanic rock. Rivers of lava ran beside her. The smell of sulfur became almost too much. Alice had never smelt it like this before. Then, suddenly a shadow caught her eye.

 She looked in front of her. Someone stood there, tall and dark. "Alice, sleep. This is not meant for your ears." The shadow whispered, its black liquid form slowly becoming human. She nodded, involuntarily. The coughing rose and she must have passed out. "You. Wait I know you, your face... its so familiar..." But then, her thoughts ended as well.

The End

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