Not sure what for.

Alice wants me to kill her? I rise, ready to do as she asks, but I find myself unable to do it.

‘People are staring, Alice.’ I tell her.

‘I don’t care!’ she growls, her voice wavering, though she makes an admirable effort to keep her tone irate.

‘Don’t be stupid.’ I push her into the seat, but I remain standing, towering over her. ‘Why would you want me to kill you?’

‘Because...’ She trails off unable to answer. I laugh and take a step closer to her. She looks up at me and I knit my glamour together where she slapped me. I sigh and tell her to move up, sitting beside her. She does so, reluctantly. ‘Why won’t you kill me, Jet?’ she pauses as I give her a threatening glance and corrects herself; ‘sir?’

‘I don’t want to.’ I answer simply. I know she wants me to expand on that, but in truth, I don’t know how to. The weird emotion keeps tugging at me and I eventually just thump my head back against the headrest, glaring up at the ceiling. I melt little holes in the metal roof, watching as the metal balls and falls, sizzling, into the seat. ‘There’s something... it’s confusing.’ I try to say, in a weak attempt to explain. ‘It’s breaking me – underworld rising aside – and I don’t know how to deal with it. I’d say sorry, but I’m not sure what for...’

The End

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