Kill. Me.

Alice felt shocked at how quickly Jet had just snapped, people don't change, do they? They can't. She thought, she stopped crying and got up. "Jet!" She growled, walking back to his seat. "How, how dare you?" She slapped him, forming cracks in his cheek. "Why don't you kill me then? Why don't you turn me into all the other servants you've had?" She went to slap him again but Jet grabbed her arm. She shook him off and put her arms to her neck.

She pulled at the necklace, strangling herself. She growled when the necklace failed to move. "What? What do you want with me?" She paused. "Why do you keep me here?" She almost whimpered, but she kept her tone angry. She stared down at Jet. "Why don't you just end this now? Hmm? Why don't you just. Kill. Me?" She shouted, placing one hand around her throat, feeling the now cold metal.

The End

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