‘Why... why did you follow me?’ Alice asks quietly. ‘I'm sorry Jet. I'm of no use to you now.’ She continues before I can answer her. I see her memory of when I found her broken and naked in Japan. ‘Why?’

‘I followed you because...’ I laugh sharply at myself. ‘Well I’m still trying to figure it out too. I’ve spent too long on this world.’ I break the hug and sit back.

‘Why did you laugh? Am I so laughable?’ Alice questions me and I shrug. Tears keep flowing and I roll my eyes. ‘Shut up crying already you stupid whore.’ I think to myself. She stops crying for a second and looks up at me, shocked. I guess she caught that thought. She lets out a string of swears and hits me, shouting abuse at me.

I take the abuse for oh... two seconds. I drop the glamour and stand over her in a flash, hand around her throat.

‘I suggest you don’t do that to the one that’s keeping you alive, Alice.’ I tell her, my voice low and resonant, cutting her tirade of curses short to quiet sobs. I shake her roughly and drop her to her seat with a snort of disgust.

Folding my glamour around me again, I stalk back to my seat and do my best to ignore what I just did.

The End

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