Broken, Alone and Naked. Were you There?

Her stomach tied itself in knots as Jet asked, "why did you move?" Alice whimpered again, until she realised his voice was soft, serene... almost. Alice looked to the floor and Jet kissed her on the forehead. "I...I didn't know what you would do, I mean look!" She paused, lifting her head she stared at Jet, resentment in her eyes. But not for Jet, for herself. "Look what I did to your glamour! I had just repaired it and now..." She looked at Jet, his glamour slowly rebuilding, but still it had cracks in it.

She looked to her feet, a red tear slipping down her cheek and onto the floor. She sniffled, wiping her hand across her face trying to conceal the fact she was crying. "Why... why did you follow me?" She whimpered, cursing in her head at her weakness. "I'm sorry Jet. I'm of no use to you now." She muttered, her mind flicking back to the moment when Tyler had raped her and she sat, with her back against the wall.

One of her wings lay on the floor. She was sat crying, naked and alone. "I'm sorry Jet, i'm of no use to you now." She muttered, but Jet, he picked up her wing and healed it upon her back..."Why?" She thought. But back then, Jet needed her for the war. Now, now she was nothing.

The End

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