Comforting a fallen angel.

The emotion in Alice’s kiss surprises me and my glamour shatters completely as she moves away. I feel compelled to follow her, but I stay where I am.

‘Alice, what are you doing?’  I ask through the necklace. My mental voice tries to be stern and disapproving, but it’s hard to voice act mentally. She doesn’t reply, but I feel a strong embarrassment and I can tell she’s chastising herself for putting so much emotion in the kiss. I get up and abandon Jesse, moving next to Alice. She whimpers, almost as if she expects me to lose it and slap her properly.

 Not like it’s an unreasonable assumption, I suppose; I’ve done it enough times in the past. Remembering the times I’ve hurt her makes me feel horrible and I try to stop thinking about them, but the humanoid conscience grabs at me. I grimace and hate what I am momentarily. No point hating yourself for something you’ve been for more than ten thousand years, I tell myself. I pull Alice into a strong hug and she sits there, her breaths shallow.

‘Why did you move?’ I ask pulling away a little and kissing her on her forehead gently.

The End

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